Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Episode 50 - Getting started with 3D printing at the library

Ellen and Jessica unpack the Cube 2 printers.
 This winter the Duxbury Free Library received two student tabletop Cube 2 3D printers from a grant sponsored by the American Library Association and 3D Systems Corporation.

In addition, we had budgeted to purchase a high-grade Ultimaker 2 printer.

All three printers are now used daily in conjunction with TinkerCad and AutoDesk Inventor programs.

TinkerCad is great for beginners and Inventor is for serious programmer who want to dig deep into the architecture of designing for the 3D printer.
Glenn works with Lynda.com to learn AutoDesk Inventor.

Tinkering Tuesdays we are busy with the Cube 2s and on Saturday mornings in mid-May, we will begin a series of programs to introduce adults and teens to the world of 3D printing.

Check out this episode!

TinkerCad : a free online 3D printing design resource.

AutoDesk Inventor : the real McCoy learning tool for  CAD 3D designing.
Ultimaker 2 is the highest rated consumer grade printer on the market.
Lauren builds piece of jewelry with the Cube 2.